Barona Hero

Barona Resort & Casino
Lakeside, CA

Having operated a Bingo Parlor and a full Casino with slot machines and table games, The Barona Band of Mission Indians Tribe and its advisors were well versed in Indian Gaming. BWA worked with the Tribe's program desires incorporating in all new building allowing for future growth. 

In addition to the Casino building and its amenities, BWA linked a 100 Key Guestroom and Suite building fronting on a lake which was part of the new Golf Course. The buildings resemble farm and ranch structures with the Casino being a giant barn and the hotel being a bunkhouse. Ancillary Structure such as a windmill and a silo seamlessly found their way into the plan. A pond evolved in front of the Port Cochere and a water wheel naturally became part of the scene.


The Barona Band of Mission Indians


Yates Silverman, Inc.


  • 647,163 SF (60,000 SM) Gross Area
  • $260 Million
  • 8 Levels
  • 397 Hotel Keys
  • 76,126 SF (7,000 SM) Casino
  • 15,000 SF (1,400 SM) Spa
  • 20,000 SF (1,850 SM) Convention
  • 10,500 SF (975 SM) Retail
  • 10 Dining Outlets
  • 5,112 Parking Spaces